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Kim Soesbee AuthorWriting services are led by professional writer and author Kimberly Soesbee. Kim has successfully written and ghostwritten full-length manuscripts as well as eBooks, articles, technical manuals, business materials, and more. She's worked with Olympians, professional athletes, company presidents, non-profit organizations, professionals, pastors, and many other types of people. What they all have in common is a great story or concept that needs to be shared.

Contacting Kim to discuss your project is the first step in making it happen.

Why use our writing services? Kim has more than 20 years writing experience, using her creativity to communicate in a variety of print and electronic formats. She was a former elite-level gymnast who trained for the Olympics, won national championships in high school, attended Penn State on a full-athletic scholarship, and was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Honors in 2012 in her home state of Texas. She understands commitment, dedication, and integrity and has the skills to bring out the very best in your manuscript; whether she does the writing work or you write and she coaches you through the process.

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Ghostwriting ... Doesn't that sound mysterious? Ghostwriting is for anyone who has something to share but wants someone else to do the writing work. Kim has ghosted full-length fiction and non-fiction books, eBooks, and articles in both the Christian and secular marketplace. Ghostwriting means that we do the writing work, but your name goes on the work as the author. The secret to a good ghostwriting relationship is communication! Our ghostwriting goal is to clarify your vision and stick closely to your personal style, voice, and nuances of language while creating an end product that makes you go, "WOW!"

Smart people are often busy people! But those people are usually ones who have great stories to share. If you have a lot of knowledge, but lack in either writing skill or time, having your work ghosted may be the answer.

Your specific vision, length of needed work, amount of research required, and other factors all affect the price. Contact us to get the conversation started. *If you want to co-author a piece with Kim, give her a call to discuss your project idea.

Writing Coach Help
All great athletes have a coach. A writing coach comes alongside of you to organize your thoughts and materials, help you develop your storyline or the flow of your content, encourage you, correct technique, provide feedback, keep you on track, and support you in your writing - whether you write to blog, are working on that master novel, or are putting together a non-fiction based on your expertise. We will ask you the tough questions to draw your very best writing from within you.

Heck, we might even dump a cooler of Gatorade on you to celebrate your successes!

Writing coaching is $60 / hour. We will put together a weekly timeline and plan based on your writing goals.

Dallas business writing
Small businesses in North America and globally rely on our writing services. It is hard enough getting people to pause and actually read something these days. Your poorly written business copy benefits no one -- except your competitors. Presenting your unique message in a simple, yet compelling, way is a skill not everyone has. We can produce copy to move clients to action.

Contact us for a quote regarding writing your press release, website content, brochure text, catalog copy, script for radio / video promo, or other company writing needs.

ARE YOU A MARKETING COMPANY? Subcontract your writing needs to us. We'll make you look good and will act as an agent of your company so your clients will have a seamless experience.