What Jesus Did for you is something no one else can ever or will ever do.

Author David Soesbee has been a full-time evangelist for more than 20 years. He has preached the gospel in 51 countries and has seen thousands of people come to a saving relationship with Jesus through intentional evangelism efforts.

Evangelism is one of the most misunderstood components of the Christian culture. Each follower of Jesus is called to evangelize. Very few do it. Evangelism isn’t complicated or mysterious, and you don’t need a seminary degree to share your faith. Being evangelistic is a lifestyle that is rooted in a deeply grateful understanding of what Jesus did for you. Once you have your own salvation story, you are ready to tell others what Jesus did.

Too many evangelism programs and processes try and make evangelism so complex and scary that we lose focus on simply witnessing for Christ. This book and 7 week study will help you see that when your story meets up with Christ’s story, people won’t be able to help themselves from saying: “That’s a cool story! Will you tell it to me again?”

This book is for any Christian who wants to be better equipped to live out the Great Commission. This is for anyone who knows they need to do a better job at sharing their faith, but need some guidance.  You can read this book on your own, with a bible study partner, or as part of a small group study. Participants work through their books during the week and then gather to go over the group questions. No matter how you go through it, if you love Jesus, you need this book to help you tell others What Jesus Did for you! To read the reviews about What Jesus Did: Evangelism for Everyone, click HERE.

ISBN: 978-0-9919839-7-1

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Evangelist David Soesbee has served as a road pastor for mainstream Christian musicians, as a chaplain for the NASCAR community, preached at every Summer Olympic games since 1996, and has seen thousands of people give their lives to following Christ. Through What Jesus Did ministry, David equips people to grow their evangelism skills. He speaks at conferences, church events, youth revivals, workshops, community gatherings, men's groups, and more. He brings a message that will light a fire under Christ's followers to live out their call with passion, with excitement, and with intentionality. He can be reached through WhatJesusDid.org - his ministry website.

David and his wife, Kim, live near Dallas, Texas with their three fabulous children. David and Kim are co-authors of Holy Romance, an intense study for couples to learn how to experience what God has planned for their marriage. Holy Romance will be available in late 2014.