Front_Cover Touch Publishing is excited to release a new fiction by author J.R. Cooper. The Last Saint explores eschatology from a biblical worldview and takes readers through an intense whirlwind of global events as the end draws near.

Olivia Fischer has it all together. She’s strong, intelligent, and has a loyal husband who is passionate about serving his country.

The arrival of her husband’s diary from overseas, coupled with his mysterious murder, throws Olivia’s comfortable life into a chaotic and dangerous search for answers. World events have been set into motion; events which will impact every citizen in every country. Olivia finds herself on the frontline of history, and one book holds the answers.

Olivia finds herself teamed up with Jewish professors, hunted on the streets of Jerusalem, as they search for the solution to the horrors that have tossed the world into upheaval.

J.R. Cooper shines light on tough apologetic topics as he weaves together a story that unites cultures in the battle for humanity.
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cooper Author J.R. Cooper has studied apologetics and teaches on the topics of creationism, cults and world religion, and how to defend Christianity. He lives with his family in Tennessee and enjoys exploring the beauty of the Appalachian Region.
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