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A new fiction by Jack and Judy Bonham set in the Montana mountains. John Wilson Barnes is a ten-year-old boy who finds himself alone and on the run from a world that doesn't understand him.

His journey is guided by the One who created the magnificent western land he travels. As young John searches for a place to belong, he finds himself never quite alone. John grows through danger, fear, mistreatment, and hardship.

Bitterroot Valley is the first book in the Following on White Horses series. It can be ordered through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or directly through the authors by clicking on the BUY NOW button below.

Click here for Book Two of Following on White Horses: Grass Creek.

Jack and Judy Bonham live in the mountains of Montana.


Enjoy this video starring author Jack Bonham in a live filming during Bannack days in Bannack State Park, Mt. 2016