Every year, thousands of Christians make a plan to read through the entire Bible. Some reach their goal, many get a portion of the way through and then they move on to something else.

The Bible is a primary source of God's communication to those who follow Christ. Simply reading it won't do you any good unless you take what you read, learn from it, and apply it to your life.

Through Aaron Mitchell's time as a pastor, he saw that those he ministered to could benefit from a book that would not only encourage them to read the Bible, but also provide concrete guidance for understanding what they read. The New Testament Challenge is that resource. The Challenge is for you to read through the New Testament in one year's time. Each day, you are guided to read a chapter in the New Testament in your own Bible. Then, you read the daily entry for that chapter. Each day also offers a journaling prompt, a suggestion for specific prayer guidance, a Scripture to hide in your heart, and a main thought to reflect upon.

This book can be done as a group study; with the group discussing each week one or more of the entries and how what they learned has impacted their growth. Group studies are ideal because they promote fellowship, accountability, and support.

The New Testament Challenge is now available to order through Barnes & Noble or directly from the author.

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