Radical Love

RadicalLove_CoverOur culture, our families, our peers, and our own sinful selves do all sorts of things in the name of "love." Sadly, many of these things bear little resemblance to the radical, life-changing plan for love that God designed from the beginning of time. Men and women who call themselves Christians are walking around with wilted souls; broken because they know they are supposed to love like Jesus does, but finding themselves inept when it comes to living it out.

In 2008-2009, Speakers and Ministry partners Kimberly Soesbee and Donna Lowe, developed the message of Radical Love that grew in their hearts into this book. Originally published by Revivial Nation and now available through Touch Publishing, Radical Love is a bookshelf must-have for anyone who wants to be transformed by God's love.

It is time for our unloving, destructive behaviors to STOP! Demolishing the love barriers in our lives begins with your copy of Radical Love.


Read these kind words from author and pastor Mark Buchannan:

"The word radical, like the word awesome, is generally overused, flipped around as casually as a penny. Radical  Love  by  Donna  Lowe and Kimberly Soesbee is a wonderful exception: these two women use the word in its  truest  sense, to describe something deep, wild, dangerous, extreme, namely God’s searching, healing,   liberating–his  radical–love  for  you. The book  is  both  a  celebration  of  that  love and  a  step-­by-­step  guide  to  experiencing  more  of  it. Donna and Kimberly are wise and gentle companions. I  hope  many  women  (and  at  least  a  few  men) will take the journey with them.”
—  Mark  Buchanan   Author  of  Your  Church  is  Too  Safe, Spiritual  Rhythm,  Hidden  in  Plain  Sight,   Your  God  is  Too  Safe,  Things  Unseen, The  Holy  Wild,  The  Rest  of  God  and  more.

ISBN: 978-0-9937951-2-1

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