The Timeline Series is an action/adventure saga that follows the story of 3 teens who are in a battle for their lives, their freedom, and to change the course of the future. The Island Corporation is a pharmaceutical giant that has a secret facility where they use orphaned children as test subjects for their world-changing drugs. Francis, Will, and Jessica make a daring escape and find that the drugs they were subjected to have given them extraordinary powers; including time-travel.

The Timeline Series is a 5-part books series. The first three books are available immediately! Order now through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Chapters / Indigo books, order through your local book retailer, or as an eBook. Touch Publishing is proud to be the publisher for this amazing series that is every bit as exciting and intriguing as the major action sagas that are in print and on screen!

Timeline_CoverBOOK 1: The Minuteman Project SkeletonCoverBOOK 2: Journey to Skeleton Island FrontCover_VirgoBOOK 3: Virgo Rising




Author Steven Foster was born in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. He currently resides in Victoria, and is a student at the University of Victoria, where he is studying to be a High School Physical Education teacher. His love for writing was ingrained by his parents.

He works with youth in camp settings and through various church programs. Steven has traveled to Mexico for missions work and has a genuine passion for speaking into the lives of young people through his writing and teaching.

Watch for the fourth book in The Timeline Series to be released late 2018!