ConversationsDoes science have a place within Christianity? If so, what? For one man, when the scientific teaching he received in University clashed with the Christian faith instilled in him as a child, he found the two were diametrically opposed, and faith lost the battle. And yet, his soul longed for peace that he did not get in his scientific studies.

In these pages, Dr. Stephen Benoit discloses the inner battle he fought for 26 years as his soul sought peace. The questions which rocked his belief system to the core haunted him as he explored other faiths, engaged pastors and Christians in discussion, and searched for reconciliation between science and God. His journey stretched his family relationships and tested friendships. There is something we all can relate to in his story, whether it be on the side of someone searching for answers, or as a family or friend of someone who is in a battle for truth. We all face disagreements in this life, and there is something to be learned from Stephen's story as to how to come through conflict with relationships intact.

Stephen joined with co-author Kimberly Soesbee to help you see that faith and science can not only coexist, but can bring you peace you may never have known before.

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ISBN: 978-0-9919839-5-7

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Dr. Benoit received his PhD from Purdue University in 1998.

After a post-doctoral fellowship in neuro-endocrinology, he accepted a faculty position at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in 2003. He is now an associate professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience and maintains an active laboratory studying the neuroscience and psychology of obesity. He has published over 130 research papers, review articles and book chapters.

Stephen is an active member of Crossroads Community Church in Oakley, OH and serves coffee on most Sunday mornings at the 11:45 AM service.
You can reach him at or just stop by the coffee kiosk on Sunday mornings.