Conversations with a Scientist

In 2012, Kimberly's friend, Dr. Stephen Benoit, approached her about authoring a book with him that detailed his journey to reconcile the faith from his youth with the scientific understanding he gained as an adult. Stephen's inability put faith and science in the same box sent him on a 26 year journey of discovery. He investigated different religions looking for truth. This caused friction within his family because he abandoned the God of his parents. He lost friends. He lost hope.

His story is genuine and the principles to be learned are applicable to anyone who ever disagrees with anyone else. Sound familiar? We all have difference of opinion with somebody, and there is much to be gained through Stephen's story as to how we can better treat one another, particularly in our disagreements.

Released in September 2014, Conversations with a Scientist is also ideal for anyone who struggles to understand how evolution, Genesis, God's sovereignty, and Jesus all fit together.

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