trianglesquareTriangle and Square was inspired by 16 year old Cooper. Cooper has autism. Many special needs parents have written stories or kids have illustrated pictures that parents would like to get published. Triangle and Square is here to help.

Books published with the Triangle and Square imprint all have a connection to a special needs family. It’s a way to boost self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment for special needs children while giving parents a venue that they can financially help their family. Many parents write new children’s stories for their autistic or special needs children. This is because our kids think differently. We need to re-word and re-create stories in a way that our children will relate to and understand. So we write new stories that we know they’ll “get” easier. That’s what Triangle and Square is about. Getting these “autism friendly” stories out there for other parents to benefit from.

If you are a part of a family with a special needs child, youth, or adult, and you have something to publish, please contact us.

We will have a look at your project and give you as cost-effective price as possible that we can come alongside you to bring it to print under our Triangle and Square program. If you have a story about your journey, if you have a children's book, or if you have something you think is publishable, give us a call. We'll see how we can help.

Our first Triangle and Square book is called CoCo's Bananas. Learn more about CoCo's Bananas HERE.