CoCo’s Bananas

cocobigKids with autism often go through periods where mealtimes are a challenge. Whether kids can't eat foods due to sensory issues or they won't because if familiarity with the things they like;it's hard to say. But the end result is often frustration for everyone.

When Kimberly's son Cooper was little, he was extremely limited in what he would eat. There was a brief period when all he wanted was one particular brand of pizza and Oreos. At that time, she wrote the story CoCo's Bananas. For years she hoped he would draw her some pictures to go along with the story. At first, he struggled to take the text and connect it with the art of drawing his own pictures to go with it. It took a while, and finally, he was able to do it. Touch Publishing--through the Triangle & Square program-- has released CoCo's Bananas with Cooper's exact illustrations. Cooper is so happy to see his work in a real book. His self-esteem and sense of accomplishment has skyrocketed.

You can buy CoCo's Bananas for $7 plus shipping through the author or look for it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. ISBN: 978-1-942508-06-9


Kimberly Soesbee is an author and speaker. In addition to supporting David in What Jesus Did ministry, her passion as a speaker is to call women to a higher standard when it comes to loving others with God’s radical love. She also ministers to young athletes about the importance of making good choices and keeping their focus. She was a former elite-level gymnast who trained for the Olympics, won national championships in high school, attended Penn State on a full-athletic scholarship, and was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Honors in 2012 in her home state of Texas. She understands commitment, dedication, and integrity and has the skills to help you bring out your very best.

Cooper Soesbee enjoys drawing, making videos, and hanging out with friends. Cooper is 13 years old and in the 7th grade. He wants to own a comic book store when he grows up. You can subscribe to his videos here: YOUTUBE BUSHRIMPEX.