There are more than three million reports of child abuse every year. Dr. Dale Douglas grew up in a home that was broken, abusive, and neglectful. He saw how his childhood experiences shaped not only his life, but that of his 7 siblings. This book is his recollection of his growing up years and shows how abusive cycles are perpetuated throughout one's life. Without a dramatic, intentional decision to stop the abuse, breaking free is nearly impossible.

You will see how the abuse that was present in his parents' early life transferred to how they raised their own children. When children develop survival skills to cope with abuse, those behaviors carry on long after the actual abuse has stopped. So how does one break the cycle and start new? It doesn't happen without the life-changing power of Jesus in one's life.

Rusting Toys is not a book for children. The situations presented are for mature understanding.

Whether you have suffered at the hands of abuse or you have a desire to better understand why some cycles are difficult to break, this book is a somber and enlightening read to raise your awareness that abuse is a problem and we have a responsibility to help end it.

ISBN: 978-1-942508-22-9

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Dr. Dale Douglas is a graduate of Dallas Baptist University, where he earned his doctorate in 2010.
He and his wife, Lynn, live in Texas. You can reach him through his website