small publisher
As an author, one of the things you should consider early in your writing process is what you plan to do with the manuscript once it is completed. Will you publish it as an eBook? A print book? Both?

Whether you plan to distribute your work digitally or in traditional print format, you've got options. There are plenty of self-publishing companies out there. Most will happily take your money and care very little for the well-being of you, your message, or the end product. Other companies operate from templates and cookie-cutter options that can weaken your book. We are different! We are a growing publisher who offers the following for authors:

  • We are selective in the books we will publish.
  • Your book joins a family of high quality book titles; you are not on your own!
  • We keep your costs as minimal as possible.
  • Customizing of interior so the formatting matches well the message and your vision for the book.
  • Author pricing that makes it extremely cost-effective for you to buy copies of your own book.
  • Active development of retail relationships and searching for opportunities for you to sell your book.
  • Distribution options you will not get from self-publishing companies.
  • Registration with Library of Congress to help protect your copyright.
  • We are partnering with you to bring your book to print.

Our ideal client has a story, vision, process, or literary work that we feel will truly touch the hearts of a unique audience. We want authors who have passion and integrity. We seek to create a family atmosphere in which you feel we are on your side all the way.

Our authors include former professional athletes, journalists, business professionals, first-time authors, professors, and international speakers. We look forward to getting to know you better.

Read this information first and then give us a call! We'd love to see your work and determine if it is a good fit for our publishing services.

If you would like to submit a manuscript or book proposal for our consideration, please email in PDF or WORD format to:

"David and Kimberly Soesbee, Thank you for taking a chance on this idea. You both invested many hours in editing and marketing this book. God has granted you the position and ability to make this dream come true. You are true professionals who are burdened to reach the world for Jesus. Your company is a reflection of who you are. I know this is not just a business; you truly care about my family. I am honored to be one of your authors at Touch Publishing." - Aaron Mitchell, Author of The New Testament Challenge.