Touch Publishing has one goal: To help people who have a story or idea that will touch lives.

Is that you? It probably is, because if you've found us and you're thinking about using our services, you must be pretty awesome and we bet you have an idea for a story that is full of sparks to ignite passion in others. We want to talk to you!

One of our favorite sayings comes from the late Tom Landry (former Dallas Cowboys Coach): "Today, you have 100% of your life left."   Beginning now, you've got the opportunity to live the rest of your life fully, completely, and without self-imposed limitation. Make changes, make better decisions, be amazing. You were not created for mediocrity. So get out there and touch others with your creativity and wisdom.

How can we help? By using our expertise in writing, editing, publishing, and promotions to get your words into the hands of the people who need them. Your story can't change lives unless it gets told!

Do you find yourself making any of the following statements?

If that is you, then we'd love to talk to you.

  • Maybe you aren't an athlete, but a musician.
  • Maybe your story isn't a fiction, but is your autobiography.
  • Maybe your business concept isn't new, but your spin on it is unique.

No matter where you come from, we trust you'll find that our incredible talents in writing and publishing, combined with our family atmosphere and integrity in how we conduct business, make us your ideal partner for taking your book from an idea all the way through to a finished product, or helping you anywhere along the way.

Give us a call and get your journey started.

And P.S. If you aren't a Dallas Cowboys fan yet, we can help you with that too!