The Bridegroom's Voice Do you long to hear the voice of your Bridegroom, Jesus Christ? He longs to speak to you.

This 45 week devotional will draw you to a deeper love and appreciation for Jesus as your Bridegroom. The Christian Church is the Bride of Christ and one day, He is returning for His bride. In the meantime, we are to be making ready our hearts.

Allow author Kimberly McCarthy to lead you on a personal journey to better know Jesus as your Bridegroom and, in turn, ready your heart for Him. Have a heart-to-heart, spirit-to-spirit adventure by listening to The Bridegroom's Voice.

Each week includes teaching from your Bridegroom, scriptures that support the teaching, journaling and reflection questions, and space to record your thoughts. Listen as the Bridegroom speaks to you about trust, love, justice, peace, hope, the narrow road, destiny, storms, and more. Every 5th week you will experience a SELAH, or pause, to review the previous 4 weeks' lessons. This book is ideal for personal or group study.

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ISBN: 978-1-942508-16-8
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mccarthypic Author Kimberly McCarthy calls herself, "A little echo of the big voice of God." She has been married to Bob McCarthy for 37 years. She and Bob have eight children—three birthed and five God-given. She is a Grammy, also known as “Hess” by my eight grandchildren.

Kim worked as a church administrative secretary for over 25 years and then God shook things up and called her to online ministry. She has a compassionate heart for people. She volunteers for Christ Fellowship Online Campus, where she servant-leads the “Servant Warrior Ministry.”

She wrote The Bridegroom’s Voice over the last 25 years. She believes it is going to be an incredible gift for The Bride of Christ as we get ready for the coming of Jesus Christ, our Bridegroom. The encouragements that God speaks to her heart for others are the sweetest of gifts. You can find them at her website: