WJDNewCover"We serve a God who is in the business of saving people. Through his book, What Jesus Did, David Soesbee equips the reader to go out boldly into the world and get about the business of sharing with the lost. When you lead someone to the Lord, you don't know the great things God has planned for that life. David's passion for evangelism and his 20-plus years of experience in preaching have cumulated into this teaching, which will not only prepare you with practical skills, but will also move you to have a passion for the lost. The church needs more people who are deeply in love with Jesus and are willing to put themselves on the line to share the good news of what Jesus did."

- Dr. Johnny M. Hunt, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Woodstock, Georgia / President, Southern Baptist Convention 2008-2009

"Reverend Henry Maxwell asked himself, “What would Jesus do?” in Charles Sheldon’s classic In His Steps. In What Jesus Did evangelist David Soesbee moves readers beyond asking speculative questions of what things Jesus would or would not do to examining what Jesus actually did—evangelism! Teeming with testimonies and saturated with Scripture, Soesbee has written a Bible study that will encourage believers and churches alike to emulate not only what Jesus did, but how Jesus did evangelism."

—MATT QUEEN, L. R. Scarborough Chair of Evangelism (“The Chair of Fire”), Assistant Professor of Evangelism, Associate Dean for Doctoral Programs, Roy Fish School of Evangelism and Missions, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas

"It may sound shallow, but for me the real gem in this book is the introduction. We live in a narrative culture and the testimony that David shares-authentic and raw-is the reason that the rest of the book makes sense. While a testimony of bad behavior to redemption is not everybody's story, it is a compelling reminder that evangelism is a conversation not a program. The principles of evangelism come alive because of the stories throughout that keep the book grounded."

-Dr. R. Allen Jackson
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

"I pray everyone will read What Jesus Did and be challenged that evangelism IS for everyone."

- Anne Graham Lotz, Evangelist, Author, International Speaker

"David Soesbee has truly captured the essence of evangelism in this Bible study. His stories are captivating and his approach to evangelism is profound. Yet, it is written in such a practical and simply style that any follower of Jesus would be comfortable in carrying out the Great Commission. Christianity has been waiting for this approach to evangelism."

- Dr. Nathanial Hearne, Pastor, Author, and Motivational Speaker.

"What Jesus Did covers a wide range of topics that allows a person to better understand the gospel, God and Jesus Christ.  It is easy to read, offers in depth discussions from simple to complex questions about faith.  The individual stories offer an effective way to open doors that might have previously been closed in a person's mind.  I highly recommend this book."

- Miles Morgan, North Carolina, Author and Former Journalist