The Leader in the Mirror: A Second Chance to Close the Gap is a new book by author Eric Powell. For more than 20 years Eric has used his problem solving, success oriented, God-focused approach to facilitate change through global corporations, smaller companies, individuals, teams, and groups. Leadership is pivotal to success and failure. What kind of leader are you? One that brings transformation? Or one with fleeting trust?

Eric's calling (aside from being a godly husband and father) is founder of CUE® Leadership. CUE integrates biblical principles from the Book of Nehemiah about leadership, communications, and change management, magnified by the power of faith in Jesus Christ. CUE Leadership equips leaders by helping you understand your propensity to lead transformational change and unlock that transformational ability.

Through exploration of differing leadership types combined with personal testimony, social and political examples, real-world business observations, and biblical principles, The Leader in the Mirror will inspire you to take steps in your own leadership calling.

Our world needs leaders like Nehemiah, not just on the world stage but in our homes, communities, schools, place of employment. Our foundation is designed to help you, as a leader, to understand how to go beyond creating “common ground,” but to get your sphere of influence on CUE®. The Leader in the Mirror is for men and women who care about getting their lives on CUE with God's purpose.

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ISBN: 978-0-9937951-3-8


Faithful follower of Jesus Christ, husband, and father, Eric Powell established CUE® Leadership to equip leaders with a “spiritual quotient” to transform challenges that warps today’s society and bring about a spiritual renewal.

An experienced executive with a big-four management consulting experience, Eric has advised leaders in prominent global corporations throughout his nearly 20-year career. Honored with the God-granted words and experiences (success, failure, observation, service, and inspiration), Eric formed CUE® Leadership to help leaders from all walks of life but on the premise that everything that happens today has happened in the word of God, regardless of society evolution or change.

Eric and his wife Tai have two beautiful daughters and live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas area. Connect with Eric through CUELeadership.org