If you already have a manuscript, an article, an essay, or any other piece of writing that you want to put into the hands of someone else to read, then you will need to have it edited before you release your baby into the world.

The amazing world of technology has made it scads easier for authors and content developers to get their work out there than it was 25 years ago. Today's creative minds don't need big publishing houses who hold the secret skills to make a book or eBook happen. The problem is, as the barriers to book production came down, more and more authors rush to publish their stuff without having someone really take the time to go through it and make sure it shines.

Believe us when we say this: If you want to be taken seriously as an author or expert in your field, you need to have an editor go through your work.

The types of work we edit: Full length manuscripts, shorter works, eBooks, technical manuals, teaching materials, presentations, scripts, poetry, plays, and business correspondence.

Let us edit your work before you publish! Every piece of writing needs an editor. It is money well-spent.


Basic Editing includes: Proofreading for spelling, punctuation, grammar, consistency, proper vocabulary usage, redundancies, and overall readability.

Advanced Editing

Advanced Editing includes the items in the basic edit PLUS we will provide you feedback and suggestions regarding the overall organization of your manuscript, sentence and paragraph structure analysis, style, and voice.

Fee: $40 / hour *If you require a firm quote prior to committing, we will need to see the manuscript before supplying the quote.

The fee for both edit types is the same; however Advanced Editing generally will require more hours to complete.

To begin the process, CONTACT US and let's bring out the best in your manuscript!