Traumatic events, like sudden death, come with great devastation. For a child, loss comes with unique questions, emotions, and trauma that are best navigated with someone who has experienced a similar loss.

In Rachael, Did You Know? author Veronica Sites provides solid wisdom and guidance to help people, especially young people, better understand their pain. She provides practical, Christian-based solutions for walking through the dark valley to the other side, where hope waits. This book is ideal for any young person who has experienced loss of a close loved one. It is also a fabulous resource and tool for:

  • Counselors
  • Relatives who are helping someone who is grieving
  • School guidance counselors
  • Church or ministry resource
  • Therapists
  • Christian family centers

Veronica draws from her personal experience as she comes alongside the reader to give strong biblical direction and empathetic, practical help. Rachael, Did You Know? is available as a print book through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and can be ordered through your local bookstore. You can contact Veronica directly at her own website: to order a signed copy. You can also order Rachael, Did You Know? as an eBook through Kindle, Sony, Nook, and other eBook sellers.

ISBN: 978-1-942508-00-7

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Veronica Sites is a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer.
As a Productivity Consultant, her message and story inspires growth and empowers others in personal development.

Her passion is personal development. She empowers others through workshops such as: Building Winning Relationships, Building The Best You, Goals and Achievement. She speaks to professional, civic, and church groups with a special heart for women’s groups. She has a unique ability to connect with an audience of one or one thousand. Her authentic concern for others is evident.

She is certified in Critical Incident Stress Management (C.I.S.M.) and serves as advocate in natural disasters, alongside law enforcement, with military and in suicide risk or aftermath stress management. This expertise is the result of natural abilities, multiple levels of certifications and years of experience honing required skill to recognize post traumatic effects. With compassion and professionalism she is able to spot invisible wounds or inner hurts and reach out with respect, honor and preserving individual dignity. She helps establish what a healthy new normal can be for those desiring to moving beyond trauma into transformation with hope, courage, and healed hearts.